Your preferred provider for Omaha pet fences

Year after Year America Fence Company has set the standard in pet fence needs. Whether large or small pets our sales staff can recommend the right fit for you. You may have seen other fence projects constructed on a slope, as a result the gate leaves a large gap due to the “stair step” affect. Rest assured we have the experience to provide you a vinyl gate that will follow the slope of the ground. As a result the gaps are minimized and does allow your pets to escape. Please review the photo attached as an example of the craftsmanship that goes into every pet fence project.
Maybe you would prefer the tried and true chain link for your pet fence needs. If so, our sales staff may suggest a 7 gauge bottom tension wire or maybe bottom rail. Each is effective in keeping your pets safe.
The right fence for you could be of wood construction, if so we build each pet fence to fit the yard. All of our wood fences are custom built part by part. By doing this we can customize each fence to minimize gaps in the fence line. Additionally we can slope these gates as well to minimize any escape route.
We also do concrete mow strip to help prevent the escape of the pets that like to dig. Please contact our experienced sales staff for your free, no obligation quote today to determine the best fit for your pet fence needs.