Best in Class Vinyl Fencing in Omaha

Vinyl Fence Durability

American Fence Company of Omaha offers limited lifetime warranty against cracking, chipping and peeling on residential vinyl fencing. This means your vinyl fence will be able to better withstand the hot summer and cold winters characteristic of Nebraska climate.

Low Maintenance on Vinyl Fencing

Why should you spend time continually maintaining your fence when you should be enjoying it? That is one of the benefits of residential vinyl: it doesn’t crack, peel, or fade. Put aside your concerns about fence staining, repainting, and replacement.

Vinyl Fence Styles and Colors

Our fence contractor in Omaha offers a wide selection of vinyl fence styles and colors, allowing you to pick the combination that best complements the exterior of your residence. Having a decorative fence is a very effect – not to mention cost effective – way to boost your curb appeal.


If you are looking for residential vinyl fencing in Omaha or one of the surrounding communities (such as Ralston, La Vista, Council Bluffs), there is no better fence contractor than us. Part of what makes American Fence Company unique among other Omaha fence contractors is our partnership with reputable vinyl manufacturers such as Ply Gem Fence & Rail. This means our vinyl fences are of the highest quality and that you’ll get your money’s worth, and then some!

A big selling point for residential vinyl fencing in Omaha is its enhanced durability, the fact that it is extra resilient to damage inflicted by the elements: rain, sunlight, wind, etc. What’s more, it has strong resistance to wood-eating insects such as termites and carpenter ants. Something else that makes it preferable to other fence materials such as wood and metal is that vinyl is rust resistant and doesn’t rot over time. It’s also impact-resistant, capable of withstanding everyday wear and tear. Our products are backed by a lifetime transferable warranty so you can have peace of mind that your investment is protected.

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Residential Vinyl Fencing in Omaha FAQ

How long will residential vinyl fencing last? How strong is vinyl fencing?

Unlike wood fencing and ornamental fencing, residential vinyl has been manufactured to last a lifetime. The only age-related changes you should notice over time will consist of a slight reduction in the fence’s natural sheen. One of the selling points of vinyl fencing over wood or metal is enhanced flexibility. The materials are designed to be resistant to impacts, from rocks to animals bumping against the fence.

Does vinyl fencing fade?

As mentioned above, with time, your vinyl fencing will likely experience a slight reduction in its natural sheen. Fading, however, will not be an issue, as modern vinyl is manufactured with a chemical formulation not dissimilar to sunscreen. This means, your vinyl fence will reflect the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them, and thus retain its natural color.

How does the cost of vinyl fencing compare to wood fencing and ornamental steel fencing?

In comparison to typical #1 grade cedar fencing (combined with the price of staining), vinyl fencing is more cost competitive. Vinyl fencing is less costly than ornamental steel fencing.

Does vinyl fencing burn?

Not easily, for vinyl is classified as a “self-extinguishing” material, with a flash point of approximately 900 degrees.

Does vinyl fencing break easily?

While vinyl fencing is extremely resilient to physical impacts, collisions of unusually great force – such as that caused by automobiles or rocks thrown by the lawnmower – has the potential to cause breaks. If such damage occurs to your residential vinyl fence in Omaha, NE, simply contact us at American Fence Company. We are the city’s number one fence contractor and are able to fix vinyl fences where total replacements are not needed. In many cases, vinyl fence rails and vinyl fence pickets can be replaced without much difficulty.

How do I clean my vinyl fence?

Being an outdoor product, your residential vinyl fence is Omaha will naturally be regularly exposed to the elements: sunlight, rain, snow, wind, dirt, etc. In most cases, water combined with a mild detergent should be enough to clean your fence, and you can resort to baking soda and Soft Scrub for tougher stains. For cleaning jobs that are proving especially tricky, Simple Green and steel wool can be used.

Is vinyl fencing in Omaha graffiti proof?

Vinyl is not classified as “graffiti proof” but is nonetheless relatively easy to clean, in most cases, when it comes to this kind of vandalism. You can use a pressure washer or paint thinner. For spots that don’t come off with the earlier described methods, try .400 grit sandpaper.

Does American Fence Company cement vinyl fence posts for fence installation?

Absolutely! For vinyl fence installation in Omaha, posts should be set in pre-mixed wet concrete. Never dry mix with water added after the fact. 100% consistency in the concrete is not a guarantee with this method, and concrete should be placed under and around the fence post.

What is American Fence Company’s warranty on residential vinyl fencing in Omaha?

Our vinyl fence products carry a lifetime warranty. Peeling, chipping, surface cracking, and rot should never occur with our top-notch vinyl fencing. Nevertheless, it is important to select a reputable fence contractor in Omaha with many years’ experience. In our case, we have been in the business 55+ years. We build fences using the topmost quality of vinyl fencing. Our experts are pros when it comes to maintenance and fence repair. And we are proud to offer warranty on our vinyl products.

Can I get custom vinyl fence styles in Omaha?

Yes. In fact, as the city’s top fence contractor, we have all the tools and equipment needed to realize just about any custom fence design you can come up with.

Does residential vinyl fencing in Omaha turn yellow with time?

To help prevent yellowing caused by ultra violet degradation, the modern quality vinyl fencing used by American Fence Company of Omaha contains titanium dioxide (TIO2). What’s more, we’ve partnered with Kroy Vinyl Products in warrantying our vinyl product for 20 years against premature discoloration and yellowing.

Does vinyl fence become brittle in the winter?

Vinyl tends to become less flexible in colder temperatures. However, unless subjected to unusual impact, it should not break or form cracks.

Is vinyl fencing resistant to weed eaters?

As with all PVC and wood products, direct contact with lawn and garden equipment can cause damage to the posts. Use caution when operating any type of equipment near fence posts, especially commercial trimmers, which are more aggressive. Ask us about our weed barrier products for lawn trimming near your fence.

Should my vinyl fence in Omaha be unique to my yard?

It is absolutely essential that you select a fence contractor who is also a custom fabricator. At American Fence Company of Omaha, we use a five-step process to build your vinyl fence.

  1. At American Fence Company of Omaha, we personally meet with you to review your design and layout.
  2. We stake your yard for your review and approval.
  3. We provide you with a post layout map, showing you where each fence post will be installed.
  4. After the posts are set, we make a fabrication drawing, illustrating the dimensions and slope of each bay.
  5. Our computerized custom fabrication shop fabricates each individual panel according to this drawing.

Pre-boxed and pre-cut vinyl fencing just won’t do for your home.