Best in Class Ornamental Fencing in Omaha

Appealing Fence Designs


With its elegant, sophisticated, and highly classical appearance, ornamental fencing has the potential to increase your property value in Omaha, NE.

Prefabricated Ornamental Fencing


Part of what makes American Fence Company of Omaha unique is that we have our own line of prefabricated ornamental fencing, called American Ornamental.

Long Lasting Ornamental Fencing


American Ornamental is designed to last and last – backed by warranty and rust resistant – to provide security and enhanced curb appeal to your Omaha home for years to come.

Multiple Fencing Options


Our American Ornamental product line is available in flat top and spear top options of the following heights: 3′, 4′, 5′, and 6′.

Ornamental Fencing in Omaha Gallery

Looking for a fence contractor in Omaha with a proven track record of installing prefabricated ornamental fencing, the kind that can provide security for your property as well as boost your curb appeal? If so, look no further! American Fence Company has its own line of prefabricated ornamental fencing called American Ornamental. Our fences have been installed across the country and at some noteworthy local clients in Omaha, Nebraska, including: TD Ameritrade Ballpark, Offutt Air Force Base, CenturyLink Center, Google, Strategic Air Command, the Old Market, and Eppley Airfield.

We also provide options on our ornamental fencing: flat top or spear top, with height options of 3′, 4′, 5′, and 6.’


Ornamental Fencing in Omaha FAQ

Does American Fence Company provide warranty on prefabricated ornamental iron fencing?

Yes. We offer 10-20 year warranty on our American Ornamental line, which covers cracking, chipping and undue fading.

Does ornamental fencing in Omaha fade, peel, rust, or chip?

Many fence customers ask about this, and it is a valid question. Our ornamental fabrication experts recommend not purchasing a metal fence unless it has been:

  • Galvanized. Galvanizing helps make your fence resistant to rust and corrosion, enhanced with a shiny silver-colored, zinc rich finish. The downside to galvanization is that most paint applications do not adhere to the shiny finish unless first brush blasted.
  • Powder Coated. Powder coating provides a plastic-like surface to metal products. The resilient coating is made with powder first applied to the fence and then melted in an oven.
  • E-coated. American Fence Company, having several decades’ experience in the fencing industry, stands firm on only providing ornamental fence products with these forms of coatings.

Is it safe to field weld ornamental fencing?

When it comes to residential ornamental fencing in Omaha, field welding should be performed only if absolutely necessary. Never allow anyone to field weld or “stick build” your fence in the field, as the welds will be immediately exposed to humidity levels or dew, and this will cause the materials to start rusting. All fence panels should be shop fabricated with bolt-on connections to the posts. Field welds violate the powder coated finish and can be touched up only through systems provided by the manufacturer.

Are American Fence Company’s ornamental fence posts set in concrete?

Yes. All posts are set in a wet mix concrete. Dry mix with water added later is not safe, and this does not provide assurance of 100% consistency in the concrete.