Alternative Security Enclosures

PalmSHIELD offers louvered and secured equipment enclosures. Copper and all other precious metal prices have increased over 60% since 2007. Thieves are averaging no less than $100.00 for tubing stolen from a residential ac unit installation. Recently, the local Houston news reported two commercial HVAC units dropped two stories from the top of a shopping mall. Unfortunately, it cost the mall owner well over ten thousand dollars to repair or replace the units. In large metropolitan areas, it is not uncommon to receive several police calls every night about vandalized or stolen ac units. As home owners and commercial property owners move quickly to protect their ac units and equipment, those of you who have not are now the target.

PalmSHIELD supports a wide variety of security measures to protect your ac and HVAC equipment. Security cameras, added lighting and even motion detecting sensors are an immediate solution that will both help deter and catch thieves. Though these measures are top on the list of good intentions; this equipment will not stop persistent and undiscerning thieves who are desperate and fearless. Let’s face it, what thief thinks he will eventually get caught? Under these circumstances, only a tough insurmountable enclosure is going to protect your equipment.

PalmSHIELD’s louvered and secure HVAC and ac equipment enclosures are the right solution. Smaller enclosures come with a lockable lid. The hinges are non-removable and the locking device is not accessible to be cut. The larger equipment enclosures are available in heights up to twelve feet. These free standing systems use large structural columns to support the PalmSHIELD panels. The panels are framed with structural aluminum extrusions designed to take constant abuse. All of the PalmSHIELD louvered panels are designed to accommodate your air flow requirements. The architectural panels are secured to the post with stainless steel fasteners that are not accessible from outside the facility. The Gorilla hinges and PalmSHIELD’s internal locking system is also not accessible to would-be thieves. In double door installations, PalmSHIELD uses internal lockable drop rods to secure one or both doors.

Smaller and shorter PalmSHIELD ac enclosures are light weight for rooftop and weight sensitive installations. All PalmSHIELD ac enclosures are pre-engineered and field tested to assure that all points of attachment align. No on-site drilling or fabrication. The corner column supports have large plates for rooftop securement installations. Larger PalmSHIELD HVAC enclosures are shop assembled, disassembled, packaged and shipped to assure ease during installation. PalmSHIELD always keeps the your labor in mind. We recognize that site conditions can be challenging so our equipment enclosures should not add to those challenges.

There are a lot of ac and HVAC security enclosures to choose from. Many of these provide security but are often tested by would-be thieves before moving on to the next unit. Unfortunately, the enclosure is often damaged and must be repaired or replaced. Would-be thieves think again before attempting to break down a PalmSHIELD enclosure. With robust 4” square columns and 3” thick panel framing, PalmSHIELD presents a real challenge to any thief.

HVAC and ac equipment comes in a wide array of widths and heights. On large commercial installations, it is a combination of equipment that creates a nonstandard footprint. Unlike other enclosures on the market, PalmSHIELD is built to fit your installation. Each project is designed to our customer’s site conditions. PalmSHIELD engineering and design will provide you with a complete layout or drawing of your installation for your approval. We recognize no two installations are the same.