Omaha Gate Locks, Your First Line of Defense

Thieves don’t want to make a scene at your front door. They want to sneak around to the back, through your gate and into the basement or patio door. By the time they reach the gate, they are committed. They know that they may have crossed that point of no return and may now attempt to forcible enter your home.

There was that moment where the thief went from simply being nosey to taking action to open the gate to your backyard. What if that would-be thief would have tried to open that gate and it was locked? Most privacy fence gates in Omaha are not locked and those that are locked use a simple padlock that may be easily cut with a store bought bolt cutter.

Owners may not have walked through this same scenario in their minds, thinking we only want a privacy fence in Omaha to keep our kids and pets in the backyard. Additionally, they may not know the wide variety of options beyond the standard inexpensive lock that requires a padlock and is only accessible from one side. American Fence Company suggests several inexpensive options.

  • Lokk Latch offers a variety of keyed both sides locks that can be installed by your fence professional. These are a great options considering access from either sides and a keyed entry.
  • Simplex offers a touchpad lock that is accessible from either side. When you do not want one more key to carry with you; you will appreciate this type of gate locks.
  • Lockey offers a very inexpensive single sided lock. This is a great lock when you do not have to access from both sides.
  • Mighty Mag offers a magnetic latch that is accessible from either side and elevates the lock latch so that small children cannot use the lock.

All of these lock manufactures offer a variety of user friendly gate locking devices. What is more important is that you know the importance of a good latch and lock. Home owners spend hundreds of dollars for door locks throughout their homes but don’t give enough thought to that first line of defense: your privacy gate lock. For more information about gates and gate locks, please visit our America’s Gate Company website at today.