Louvered Panels for Data Centers in Omaha

PalmSHIELD provided a new mechanical equipment enclosure for American Family Insurance’s new data center. PalmSHIELD louvers has a long history of providing architectural louvers for data centers. You can find our louvered panel system at the Google, Travelers and Yahoo! date centers.

PalmSHIELD is the natural choice for large standalone louvered mechanical screen systems. Data centers generate a lot of heat. These facilities must remain cool to effectively operate all the equipment. That requires rows of large HVAC cooling equipment. This equipment must be protected and often screened to maintain a very aesthetic curb appeal for these massive facilities. Because PalmSHIELD architectural louvers are the only fully framed louvered system with tested structural profiles and posts; our louvered screen systems can stretch great distances and still maintain the resilience necessary to meet national and local codes for wind loading.

PalmSHIELD louvered systems have been engineered to meet IBC, UBC and local codes. PalmSHIELD louvered panels with an 80% opening has a horizontal load of 19 psf, based on 100 mph winds which complies with the 30psf load requirement on solid building surfaces.

PalmSHIELD louvered panels are the only architectural louvers with an internal locking device that provides ultimate security and is very attractive. PalmSHIELD also offers a panic door option with external grade panic hardware.