Arched Driveway Gates for Your Omaha Home

Over Arch Driveway Gates in Omaha: Safety and Style

Not much adds an air of prestige and class to a property like an estate gate. Estate gates—also known as drive gates and driveway gates—tend to be situated on a street or driveway to block or grant cars entrance. These gates are usually made of sturdy ornamental iron, which adds to the security and privacy of the property.

Gate Styles in Omaha, NE

The most popular style of estate gate is over arch. Over arch gates (also known as an arch top gate) have upper rails that are bent up in the middle to make an elegant upsweeping arch.

An Option for the Average Person

Mansions and high-class properties are usually what come to mind when you think of an over arch estate gate. Most would be surprised to discover that these gates have become easily available to average, middle-class homes as well. Homeowners now have an array of affordable gate and automatic opener options available from most home improvement retailers.

Swing and Slide Gates in Omaha, NE

The two most common types of estate gates are swing gates and slide gates. Swing gates are by far the most common, as they are less expensive and relatively maintenance-free. Slide gates are tricky because their tracks need to be clear of debris at all times. Slide gates don’t need as much room to operate though, as they only need to move along the fence. Those with a sloped driveway are in a tighter spot and may have to go with a slide gate. However, swing gates can still be installed if the ground slopes down toward the house.

Over Arch Estate Gate Benefits

These driveway gates are a worthwhile addition to your home for three key reasons:

  1. Curb Appeal: Since these gates are associated with manors and other elite residences, they automatically give off the impression of elegance and stature. Overscallop estate gates can be simple and polished, or they can have additional details and adornments.
  2. Security: These gates would add an extra layer of security to your property, as it limits access to vehicles and pedestrians. The gate also implies you have a high-level security system, which can discourage a burglary before it even happens.
  3. Increased Property Value: A property with more security and a classy appearance automatically has an increased value in the housing market.

Omaha Gate Safety Precautions

Since overarch driveway gates are motorized and move on their own, there are precautions one should follow to avoid injury.

  • Install your gate so that the doors open toward your house, not the street. You don’t want the doors to hit your car, or force you to back up toward the street where you could cause an accident.
  • Instruct children and other family members to stay far away from the gate when it’s opening and closing.
  • Never allow children to stand near or play on the gate or open and close it for fun.
  • If you have a digital keypad, keep it at least 10 feet away from any moving part of the gate. You don’t want the keypad anywhere near where someone could try and reach through the gate to use it.
  • Make sure all family members know not to touch or play with the gate hinges as these parts easily pinch fingers.

If you’re looking to improve your home’s appearance and gain some peace of mind, an over arch estate gate could be perfect for you. Visit America’s Gate Company to look into your options today.