Access control is made easy by American Fence Company of Omaha

Not that long ago, access control was as simple as a push button garage door opener, no more complicated than a garage door opener. With modern advances in technology, it is no longer that straightforward. Nowadays, access controls for automated gates in Omaha include barrier arms, telephone entry, transmitters, key pads, sensing edges as well as a much larger and more diverse selection of gate operators. Omaha gate operators and their access controls have evolved to become more complex in the several years, but American Fence Company of Omaha is prepared to take care of all your needs.

Due to their 50 plus years of gate and fence installation experience, American Fence Company of Omaha understands the importance of having a team of specialists with a wide array of expertise to secure a job’s success. They have a custom metals shop with master welders and fabricators as well as accomplished craftsmen working on custom wood fences in the field. Every year, American Fence installs over 500 access control systems and gate operators of all security requirements and complexities.

American Fence Company understands the importance of having the same sort of professional who is fully dedicated to Omaha gate access control. They know this person needs to know all the ins and outs of modern access control systems while also being able to listen to the customer’s needs and make the appropriate recommendations.

It does not stop there: Their Access Control Lead Technician is also there for service after the sale. They are also available to help troubleshoot older devices and evaluate and repair most systems with very little down time for the customer; which for a business owner—or even a home owner—means one less worry on your plate. Contact American Fence Company of Omaha today if you’re interested in installing a gate operator or access control system, or if you have any questions!