Winter is a Great Time of Year to Have a Fence Installed. So Why Wait?


Did you know that winter fence installation in Omaha is a possibility? It may seem counterintuitive, but our expert fence installers in Omaha have the right equipment and mixtures to work all year round. In fact, there are a few benefits to having your residential fence installed during colder months:

  1. In order to keep our staff working during the “off-season” or winter months in the Midwest, American Fence Company often offers reduced rates to customers that book residential fence installations during this time.
  2. Spring is peak time to have fences or enclosures installed, therefore our staff is busier, which means you might end up waiting a while to schedule an appointment. While you’re waiting, you’re missing out! Spring is the prime time to enjoy your fence, not wait around for one. If you schedule an installation during the winter, we’ll be at your door as soon as possible and you’ll get your fence done quickly and efficiently. No long wait times in-between steps.
  3. Since your yard is dormant, your plant life and your lawn are less likely to be damaged during fence construction. Not having to worry about harming your plants can speed along the process for our Omaha fence installation staff as well.
  4. And the most important benefit to Omaha fence installation in winter – it is more likely to withstand harsh winter months because of when it was installed. You can enjoy peace of mind and see with your own eyes, the quality and durability of your new fence, knowing it will hold up better through snow and cold temperatures.

Everyone benefits from having a fence installed during the winter. Don’t wait for spring to enjoy the privacy, security, and peace of mind that comes from having a fence around your property.

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