Louvered Mechanical Equipment Screens

For architects and engineers, mechanical equipment screens are essential fixtures to have during and after a construction project. Also known as louvered equipment screens, these panels—manufactured and sold here at PalmSHIELD—hide equipment from public view without impeding their performance. At the same time, the visual aesthetic of these panels cleanly blend in with surrounding architecture. In summary: you can conceal equipment without compromising productivity. (Depending on where your project is located, screening might even be mandatory in accordance with local building codes.)

What objects are louvered mechanical equipment screens designed to conceal?

Any device that supports electricity, water supply, waste management, heating, cooling, or construction is classified as mechanical equipment. Examples include HVAC, compactors, breakers, compressors, and generators. As we mentioned at the top, some communities require these devices to be concealed from view; failure to accommodate can potentially result in building code violations and fines.

Dumpsters are among the most common items that require concealment. However, whether or not you’re required to install mechanical equipment screens will depends on the community standards of your job site. Some codes permit trash equipment only in very specific locations relative to the building and—with that—very specific requirements for screening design. Whatever the case, PalmSHIELD also specializes in screening for dumpster enclosures and gates, so we can provide the ideal panels for your situation.


Where should louvered screens be installed?

In most cases, PalmSHIELD installs louvered panels on the ground or on building rooftops, and both types come with their own rules and stipulations. In the case of rooftop screening, panels should be installed so they do not cover up roof lines. PalmSHIELD also recommends vertical louvers or slats for rooftop screening—as the equipment must remain hidden from pedestrians who happen to look up at the building. As for ground-based screening, enclosures should include a padlock-free locking system to help prevent thieves from gaining entry. (This is another advantage to closing off equipment from sight: burglars are less likely to break in if they don’t have a clear view of what’s on the other side.)

Please note that installing equipment screens of any kind require a building permit. Be sure to also check with local building inspectors/city planning to ensure the design of your screening complies with local standards.

Why should I opt for PalmSHIELD’s louvered panels?

Although installing a solid barrier around your construction equipment might seem like the best solution, structural design doesn’t allow ventilation into your work zone, which in turn can result in discomfort for your engineering/construction staff. What’s efficient about PalmSHIELD’s louvered mechanical equipment screening is that its infill blades are close enough to conceal objects from view but far enough apart to permit feasible airflow.


What are my options besides industrial louvered screening?

As the nation’s #1 supplier of mechanical equipment screening, PalmSHIELD specializes in a broad spectrum of panel designs:

  • Semi-Private. Maintains the security and ventilation benefits of louvered screening, albeit with slightly compromised visibility benefits. Because semi-private screening is made up of horizontal slats, view of the other side is a little more spacious.
  • Solid. If airflow is not a concern, solid screening is a viable choice as it completely shields equipment from view. A totally impervious design further discourages thieves from attempting to gain entry.
  • Alternating. Alternating panels ensure privacy and airflow while also creating an intimidating appearance with their shadowbox-like pattern.
  • Staggered. PalmSHIELD’s Economic Staggered panels completely block off view of the other side while still allowing ventilation.
  • Laser Cut. If permitted by your local codes, PalmSHIELD is able to fabricate mechanical equipment screens featuring a unique, one of a kind design. Want the screening to feature etches of your mascot or logo? Our computer aided designers will collaborate with you to achieve the results you want.
  • Architectural Open. Our Square Wire Mesh incorporates welded and woven wire mesh to create different patterns. Our Decorative Perforated panels come with a variety of options on hole sizes, open area space, and ratios on strength-to-weight.

What are my options on rooftop mechanical equipment screens?

  • Semi-Private. A semi-open appearance for a modern look.
  • Solid. Solid screening prevents visibility from every angle.
  • Alternating. Tubular louvers and shadow box pattern for a formidable appearance.
  • Louvered. Ventilation and light visibility combined into one screening product.