Temporary Fencing in Omaha

For over 55 years of experience and 100,000 feet plus of Omaha temporary fence installed in eight states, American Fence Company can help you with the latest and best security solutions. We can help you secure and protect any construction job site, special event, work area, disaster relief zone or other restricted area from public access.
Our capable staff can assist you with selecting the optimal temporary fence solution from the following wide variety of competitively priced temporary fencing products:
• Chain link fence
• Chain link fence panel system
• Gates
• Screening
• Added security options
Need a fast solution to immediately secure your site? We can help. We inventory over 25,000 feet of posts, chain link fabric, panels and stands, and crowd barriers.

Chain Link Fencing in Omaha
A more secure option to our portable chain link fence panels is our post-in-ground – temporary chain link fence rental. This is an effective way to create a secure barrier around the perimeter of your job or event site. If more security and protection is needed, we offer the additional options of three-strand barbed wire, and windscreen or privacy screen for dust and visibility reduction.
Our professional installers will work with you to ensure our temporary chain link fencing is installed where you need it while always keeping job site safety in mind.
Chain link posts and fabric installation is performed by driving the posts into the ground. If necessary, we will core drill into concrete or asphalt surfaces first and then drive posts. If you do not wish to break-up existing surfaces, the posts can be installed into stands that are anchored with 60 pound sand bags. The posts are typically 12 feet on center. However, if you select to install screening, posts should be eight feet on center.
After post installation, the chain link fabric is installed per industry standards. Fabric is available in four, six and eight foot heights. If you are intending on attaching screening to the fabric, we recommend installing top rail along with the fabric to adequately support the screening and chain link fabric.
Good fit:
• All types of construction sites such as commercial, residential, heavy construction, demolition, renovation that requires a long-term solution that will not be relocated on a regular basis.

• Provides crowd control for large events such as outdoor concerts, auto races, marathons, and festivals that will not be relocated and requires a solid barrier that may be tested.

Renting a chain link panel system is a quick and convenient solution for a location, event or job site enclosure. Our custom-built fence panels are of the highest quality. Our system may be installed free-standing so no drilling is required into existing paving. Our systems are also very portable and can be quickly configured into many shapes.
Temporary fence panels are typically 12 foot-wide and six foot or 8 foot tall. The panels are constructed of structural tubing. We install a cross bracing as additional support to the the framework and panel frame. Chain link fabric is stretched in the panel frame. Each panel is interlocked and held into place by a post. We use an exclusive interlocking ring system that makes it easy to either drive the posts or set the post into a stand.
Good fit for:
• A fast solution to securing an event, construction site, and crowd control site.
• A site that involves a large amount of paving or landscaping that may not be disturbed.
• If fast, immediate and frequent relocation is required while in use at a multi-day event.

Barricades in Omaha
American Fence Company offers event barricade rentals, also known as Bicycle Barricades, Security Barricades, Crowd Control Barricades, Traffic Barricades, and Pedestrian Barricades.
Made of lightweight galvanized steel, our event – crowd control barricade rentals are portable and can be used easily for any event. Our barricades are an excellent option for crowd control at your special event or as a temporary railing system to direct pedestrian traffic away from small excavations, disaster sites, or for demarcating property. Our range of event barricades can provide you the specific custom solutions you’re looking for.
Good fit for:
• Crowd control for parades, festivals, concerts, camps, exhibitions, sporting events, job sites, construction sites and so much more.
• A site that requires fast and often relocation during the event.
Gates in Omaha
As a complement to our temporary fence for your construction site or event site, we offer a variety of gate rental options. From pedestrian gates to vehicle gates, our chain link gates come in a variety of heights, openings and configurations.
Pedestrian gates. We can provide a simple three to four-foot-wide walk gate for pedestrian traffic. This installation may incorporate a simple chain and padlock or a more sophisticated keyed cylinder door knob installation. If your site requires a fire escape option, we can provide a monitored or unmonitored panic push bar option. Finally, you may want to consider an automatic closure to make sure the gate is always left closed.
Vehicle swing gates. Standard openings are 12 foot single to 24 foot double openings. However, American Fence Company can custom build your gate to any opening size. Vehicle swing gates will incorporate gate posts and concrete footings that are properly sized to support your gate through continuous operation during the term of installation. No further maintenance will be required. These swing gates may be manual operation that incorporates a simple chain and padlock or automated to utilize an electric swing gate operator with a wide range of access control devices.
Vehicle slide gates in Omaha. American Fence Company will custom build your slide gate. We utilize a cantilever type gate installation that utilizes a series of rollers that cantilever the gate above your opening, not having to worry about uneven dirt or rock drives. Cantilever gates are perfect when you need optimal security and storage is an issue. Slide gates will store along the fence line and do not require a lot of space. These gates are also an excellent choice when you have varied elevations that may not allow for a swing gate. Cantilever gates may also be automated to include electric gate operators that work with a wide variety of access control devices.
Why add Windscreen – Privacy screens? This product provides a neutral background and creates a professional look to a high profile job or event site. Additionally, windscreen adds more privacy and security, wind and dust control, and is easily added to your fence rental.
Our windscreen rentals are available in 4′, 6′ and 8′ heights. Each windscreen is hemmed with grommets on all sides, providing a professional look. Windscreens may also be customized to include company or site branding, advertising and safety information. This is a great means for promoting a new project to the general public.
Added Security Options
Once you have selected your temporary fence system; you may need added security or an up-scaled installation due to a high visibility site.
Barbwire security top. Three strands of barbwire on forty-five degree or vertical outriggers may be added to the top of your temporary fence installation. This is the ultimate in security to assure outsiders will not attempt to access your site or event.
Bottom tension wire. A six-gauge spring steel tension wire may be placed at the bottom or top of your post and chain link fabric installation. This is a perfect solution when you expect others may attempt to crawl underneath or over your installation. This heavy gauge tension wire prevents others from pulling up the bottom of the chain link fabric or pulling down the top of the fence.
Top rail framework. A large diameter rail may be added to the top of the fence to provide a more professional clean look to your temporary fence. This rail should also be used when adding a high profile windscreen to keep the screening neat and straight. A top rail also prevents others from attempting to push over or bend the top of your temporary fence system.
Access control devices. Every site has its unique challenges with security, insurance, safety and liability concerns. You may consider an upgraded pedestrian entrance that includes:
• Handicap door levers
• Professional keyed locks
• Door closures
• Panic push bars
• Added mini mesh surround
• Automated entrance devices.
If it is a vehicle entrance, you may consider the following options:
• Automated opening and closing.
• Photo-electric monitoring.
• Traffic loops for entrance, exit, and monitoring
• Transmitters, push button and keyed entry
• Intercom, computerized or phone entry devices.

American Fence Company stands ready to provide your temporary fence needs. Please call one of our eight locations.