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Our customers have been asking for a detailed specification to include in their project plans and specifications to be sure that they get the Ultra Latch and no substitutions. We are happy to oblige. Below is a detailed specification to assist your contractors in selecting and installing the Ultra Latch for your application.
American Ultra Latch
Patent Pending
1. American Ultra Latch: The only no-cut, anti-cut padlock, non-removable, two sided gate latch solution. The latch is available in a single swing and double drive version. The American Ultra Latch meets and provides the following performance items:
2. Openings:
A. The single swing latch is a slim 2” profile that fits into existing 2” openings.
B. The single swing latch uses an 8” long fork that will allow for openings up to 4”.
C. The double drive latch is designed to replace a standard drop rod or openings as small as 3 ½”.
D. The double drive latch uses an 8” fork that will allow for openings up to 5”.
3. Attachment:
A. The latch comes with a U-bolt. The U-bolt has a stud on one end and a nut on the other. The stud is to be placed on the non-secure side, making the U-bolt non-removable.
B. The latch also comes with through bolts. Holes must be drilled through either the gate post or gate frame respective of you type of latch. With the nuts installed inside the latch body, the top nut is not accessible when the lock is placed in the closed position, making it non-removable.
C. The double drive receiver uses a non-skid surface and is applied with four carriage bolts or through bolts. With the nuts installed to in the secure side, it is non-removable.
4. Padlock:
A. The lock body is designed to accommodate 1 ½” up to 2 ½” lock hasps.
B. Depending on which side you want to access the lock and the length of your lock hasp, you simply flip the lock body 180 degrees to accommodate your lock type.
C. This is critical as it determines if the lock hasp is accessible to bolt cutters or hand tools.
5. Accessible:
A. The lock body is placed between the gate and gate post or between two gates, making it accessible from both sides.
B. Accessibility is from the side of the lock body versus from underneath like traditional no-cut gate latches. This makes it much easier to both see and access the padlock.
C. The lock body provides overall protection for the padlock from snow and rain.
6. Sizing:
A. The single swing gate latch is available in both a 3” and 4” gate post application. The latch will accommodate both 1 5/8” and 2” gate frames.
B. The double drive swing gate latch is available in both a 1 5/8” and 2” gate frame application.
7. Materials:
A. The lock body is made from A-500 rectangular tubing x 3/16” wall.
B. The lock fork is made from A-36 flat bar 2” x ¼”.
C. The double drive receiver is made from A-36 flat bar 4” x 3/16”.
8. Coatings: The lock and hardware is hot-dipped galvanized in accordance with ASTM A-123.
9. American Ultra Latch – Single Swing – Patent Pending
10. American Ultra Latch – Double Drive – Patent Pending