Why Choose Split Rail Fencing in Nebraska?

More than likely you know of those quaint fences in Omaha and surrounding communities that often line rural properties. These fences are usually made of vinyl or wood and have two, three, or four rails, with lots of open space. This fence style is known as a ranch rail fence, or a split rail fence.

Ranch rail fences in Omaha are many times associated with farms because they are great at keeping horses and cattle safe and secure in their perimeter. They are not exclusively for farms though, as they are an economical fencing option and a great way to define your property lines.

Simple Fence with a Country Look

If you are looking for a simple fencing option, ranch rail is a perfect option. Along with its low price point, ranch rail is very simple in its construction and its ease to install. It is DIY friendly, thus saving you time and money on professional installation.

These fences are attractive and will raise the value of your Omaha property. If you own a farm or are housing cattle or horses, a ranch rail fence is perfect for your animals’ safety. Hoofs won’t get stuck in these fences and animals are unlikely to get hurt, unless they hit it hard enough to break the rails. Our split rails are made of sturdy vinyl, which is five times stronger than wood and will not splinter easily.

We offer vinyl split rail fences instead of the other varieties for the following reasons:

  • Vinyl is more durable and stronger than wood
  • Virtually no threat from insects or rot
  • No painting or staining required, minimum maintenance required.
  • Extremely durable in extreme elements and weather
  • Crisp, clean look