Omaha’s Overscallop Entry Gates! We have what you’re looking for.

An overscallop ornamental gate in Omaha is perfect for someone who wants a beautiful, sophisticated gate that will protect their property and require little maintenance. Adding an ornamental iron swing gate to a home or property brings a elegant feel that can also increase your property value. Because they are built of ornamental iron, these Omaha gates are very sturdy and long lasting. Ornamental iron is coveted for its classic design and elegance as well as its low maintenance.

Swing gates in Omaha are the most popular estate gate due to their lower price point and simple operation. Their operation isn’t hindered by a little debris like sliding gates. Due to their simple function, they also tend to be less expensive than sliding gates. You’ll usually tend to want your swing gates to open away from the street, to keep vehicles from backing into traffic to avoid causing a collision. Additionally, if you plan on putting your Omaha gate on a sloped grade, you may need to have the gate open downhill. If you don’t, the gate may not be able to fully open and function properly.

The arch of the overscallop gate can be tall as you would like it to be and can drop down on the sides however far you want it to. American Fence Company is a custom gate manufacturer, so you can make the design of your gate your own. You can choose the width you would like your opening to be, as well as any additional ornaments you would like. Such as crests, emblems or features integrated into your gate’s design. An overscallop ornamental gate in Omaha is not only added decoration to your property, but is also an important security addition. The simple function and minimal upkeep make them a desired gate for many properties.