American Fence Company of Omaha Customer Review: “You’ve Got a Hell of a Crew!”

Achieving customer satisfaction is the highest priority here at American Fence Company of Omaha, and we are never happier when a proud fence owner compliments a project we’ve done. This was the case in December 2021, when Howard Jones contacted us following the installation of his new board-on-board wood fence, repeatedly stating, “You’ve got a hell of a crew!”

Mr. Jones hired American Fence Company for a fence replacement job in autumn 2021. His pre-existing wood fence—275 feet in total—was a DIY project built 25 years earlier. “For a while, I also acted as my own repairman, replacing fence panels as they fell apart. But after a certain point, I stopped. When I decided to replace the whole thing, the most recently repaired section was a minimum of 15 years old.” In describing how he chose American Fence Company to replace the entire fence, Mr. Jones bemusedly remarked, “They were recommended by a good friend who also happens to be the ex-husband of Penny Stiffler, one of their project managers. I figured she must be a good person and American Fence must be doing something right. Otherwise, why would he step up to the plate like that for her?”

Estimated completion time on the fence project—which also included replacing two gates—came to 5-7 weeks from the time of deposit. The crew showed up during the sixth week. About four hours after work began on the second day, Mr. Jones placed a call to his wife, inquiring about progress on construction. “Long ago, I installed my everything by hand, so I thought it’d take at least a week. I was just flabbergasted when I called my wife on the second day and she said, ‘It’s done!’” Mr. Jones came home that day to a brand-new board-on-board wood fence—complete with two newly installed wood fence gates. “I couldn’t believe how quick they were! The old fence was down, the posts were set, and the new fence was up! I’d considered asking my neighbor to keep their dog leashed the rest of the week, but that wasn’t necessary because the crew was so fast! They also cleaned up after themselves, so there was minimal downtime on the yard. I’m almost without words about how happy I am!”

Customer communication is a key value here at American Fence Company. In most cases, clients receive updates on their fence project via emails from our modern CRM system. But since Mr. Jones does not use email, communication was maintained by phone. “I made the initial call to Howard to get his quote set up,” said project manager Penny Stiffler, “and spoke to him multiple times throughout the process. I coordinated the delivery of the dumpster for his project and called him for each step along the way.” Mr. Jones added: “Talking to Penny on the phone, I imagined a big smile on her face the whole time. That’s the kind of person I like dealing with.”

In closing off, Mr. Jones stated, “I’m totally satisfied with American Fence Company. I know I could’ve gone out and gotten Joe Blow and his cousin to do it cheaper, but with that comes less quality of work. The crew at American Fence did an amazing job in such a short amount of time. I figure that fence is going to be standing a lot longer than I’m going to be on this earth. Yes, I would recommend American Fence Company—in a heartbeat!”

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