Cover Machinery with PalmSHIELD’s New Faux Brick Style Screening

header image of mechanical equipment screening

With the rising need for mechanical equipment screens in Omaha—to not only hide dumpsters, HVACs, generators, etc. from the public but to follow civil code requirements—our architectural screening division, PalmSHIELD, has increased its styles options to keep up with demand and situations. This includes our newest variation: Faux Brick Panels

In addition to concealment, curb appeal needs to be taken into account when choosing mechanical screens. Sure, you can go with trusty gray louvered screening, but when the building is made of burnt orange brick, your screens are going to stick out like a sore thumb. After all, Omaha is an ever-growing and changing city; the older brick buildings are what make Omaha special. When looking at the First National Building, you expect to see something like a louvered screen to match the aesthetic of the building, very modern and industrial. Now if you look at the Livestock Exchange Building, using the PalmSHIELD faux brick panels, it can look more like an extension to the building, rather than an obvious cover. And because of the aluminum build, they’re lighter than actual brick. So, whether you need ground-level or rooftop screenings, PalmSHIELD has you covered.

The PalmSHIELD faux brick panels were made possible by PalmSHIELD’s partnership with Texture Plus®, a leading family-owned and operated business serving contractors and homeowners around the globe. They use a material called polymer to simulate the look and feel of masonry and resist weather or insect damage. The fabrication team has gone above and beyond to create the look and feel of actual brick-and-mortar, so far as to include the shading of the “bricks” and the divots in the “cement.” What one might think is a brick wall is actually aluminum in disguise.

These are the Faux Brick options PalmSHIELD offers as of now in the following styles and colors:

  • Antique Brick.  Perfect for historical buildings, such as the Jocelyn Castle and the Farnam Building, which have not lost their classic appearance. The rustic look gives a rough and unique texture to every “brick.” PalmSHIELD’s antique brick mechanical equipment screening comes in interlock form.
  • Contemporary Brick. If you need a more modern brick-and-mortar look, like that of the AT&T Building, wherein the masonry’s a little sleeker and even in appearance, this will fit nicely. PalmSHIELD’s contemporary brick screening comes in either standard or interlock form.
  • Tri-State Brick. For a panel with more than one style, tell our fabricators you want the Tri-State Brick. This faux brick paneling comes in interlock form.
  • Modern Brick. Another great style for sleek, contemporary-looking bricks. Available in interlock form.
  • Historic Brick. In standard and interlock form, the Historic Brick series provides a classic, semi-old-fashioned look. Fitting for a lot of historic district buildings, like the Old Market.
  • Worn. If your building exterior is solid but looks a little weathered, look no further than these Worn panels. Available in interlock form.
  • Rustic. Infusing the impression of bricks aged by time, these screens come in both standard and interlock form.
  • Smooth. The name speaks for itself: the appearance of smooth, well-worn bricks. Available in interlock and standard form.
  • Tumbled. Giving off a 3D effect with the “brick” coming out of the “mortar”, this infill is distinctive and memorable. Available in interlock form.

View our product page for Faux Brick mechanical equipment screens to see examples of each type and all the affiliated colors. Whether the task is to obscure generators in front of a historic downtown building or hide pool equipment on your residential lot, PalmSHIELD’s high-quality panels will work with any need.