Faux Stone Architectural and Mechanical Equipment Screens

It’s becoming more and more apparent that Omaha’s local codes are changing. Commercial property owners are required to cover dumpsters, rooftop fixtures, HVACs, generators, etc., and failure to do so can result in a hefty fine. Picking a contractor to do your project can be daunting, because not only do you have to think about meeting the specifications required, but making sure your panels match the style of the building. If your building exterior is stone, a plain gray panel stands out and is not the right choice. In this situation, equipment screens fabricated with a similar appearance are the best options, so that they match.

PalmSHIELD tops all competition when it comes to architectural and mechanical equipment screening. To make our panels especially appealing, we’ve partnered with the leading infill manufacturer Texture Plus®. Among these infills is the Faux Stone series, which conveys the appearance of natural stone without the extreme weight and cost. PalmSHIELD now sells Faux Stone screens in twenty-three styles. Check out our YouTube video on this product—see the top of this page—or continue reading to learn more about each individual style.

Masonry Style Stones

Stonewall. The beautiful appearance of traditional stonewall masonry with 10 different color styles.

Carolina Stone. This rugged style gives off a classy look while looking perfectly imperfect.

Asphalt Stone. The simulated appearance of paved asphalt, without the accompanying upkeep needs.

Cinder Block Stone. Sturdy appearance of cinderblock but are much lighter in weight.

Ledge Stone. 3D appearances, which are replicated in these panels.

Handcut Stone. The rugged appeal of weathered hand-cut stone.

Garden Stone. Perfect style for residential property owners as well as public gardens and parks, these lightweight panels create an inviting atmosphere.

Castle Stone. Fit for a king, this style provides a classy, sophisticated impression.

Cliff Stone. Modern and sleek style for any professional business.

Carved Stone. The appeal of hand-carved stone.

Coral Block Stone. Must-have for residential and commercial buildings.

Cut Granite Stone. Perfect for display in front of theme parks, residential areas, and ornate buildings.

Split Face Stone. A rough and rugged alternate choice to standard precision blocks.

Contemporary Stacked Stone. Professionally installed modern masonry, but lighter in weight and a no hassle set up.

Dry Stacked Stone. Giving the feeling of sun-dried stones, the panels give a classy look.

Stacked Stone. Narrow “bricks” are put together to be visually appealing.

Natural Stones

Riverstone. This faux stone design can take you back to the river with just a glance. 

Small Riverstone. These Small Riverstone mechanical equipment screens are the ideal choice for commercial buildings with outdoor aesthetics.

Giant River Rock Stone. The outdoorsy aesthetic with extra large “stones” in the paneling.


Beach Sand Stone. These Beach Sand Stone-textured screens provide the visual without the annoyance of actual sand.

Natural Rock Stone. Sophistication minus the weight.

Field Stone. This panel imitates cracked earth feel like in a desert in a sophisticated and appealing way.

Rock Random Stone. Looking like someone hand-placed these stones.

Like what you see? These panels are suitable for all kinds of architectural and mechanical equipment needs. Contact PalmSHIELD today to get started!